Ten people just joined my monthly newsletter mailing list. It is growing a little more each and every day. I have set a goal to add an additional 355 people by the end of October! If you'd like to help me reach my goal, please follow the link below and subscribe to my monthly newsletter. I promise no spam. Just a monthly newsletter from me . . . filled with all things hopeful, healing, and happy! You know, that glitter-sh!tter stuff I do.

I am soooooo close to having the ebook done for my 2nd book. Its title is "Stop Thinking . . . Just Love" and it makes my heart happy. Still researching if I want to make it a PDF downloadable directly from my website or go through the Amazon KDP option (more exposure that way but I'd have to convert it to another format than PDF). Any feedback is appreciated!

My book "Unicorn Shadows" is also getting oh-so-close to completion! Then the manuscript is off to the editor. Yay!!!

Thanks for being here to support me on this publishing journey . . . and podcast, and therapy dog team, and blogging, and newsletter, and speaking gigs! I truly do appreciate the ACEs Connection community and your encouragement.

And a big shout out to those from this community who have already joined my Hope for Healing journey either through podcast interview, podcast downloads, newsletter subscriptions, feedback on my blog posts, and more. You rock!

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Robert Olcott posted:

I hope this initiative in the Batavia, Ohio continues to grow, and that at least 355 people express interest by the end of October ! ! !


Thanks so much, Robert! Me, too. I have had 25 join me on this healing journey since posting this so . . . yay for that! 

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