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For school mental health leaders (e.g. school and local EA leadership, teachers, school site leaders, admin, district, CBO partners, BH providers, etc), what are you MOST needing right now to support you?

Can be
1. Topics (for in this moment or thinking about long term impacts)
2. Modalities (e.g. online learning, certification, products, toolkits, etc)


3. Thought leaders you would like to learn from (teachers, professors, writers, PD providers)

I'll be passing this information to our MHTTC team (SAMHSA network) to be responsive!

Original Post

We’ve been working a lot on that issue of fostering and promoting well-being, lately. And we keep growing caregiver/helper resources on our little website I also recommend Brene Browns new movement for teachers and classrooms. Such heartfelt engagement and creativity!

Clarity regarding supervision.  Can clinical supervision be conducted virtually (via a platform like Zoom or over the phone) and still meet licensing requirements for individuals and agencies?  I work in Pennsylvania.  

How about we break telehealth down into several conversational areas, and help each other out with what we know that is helpful to pass along? I’ve been doing this for years and even hold regular monthly Mentoring (what a lot of you call Supervision). I’m happy to share and I’m sure others are as well.

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