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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone could point me toward some evidence-based (or promising practices) TIC efforts happening in health care systems. I know there are some things happening across the country but am not sure how much evidence-base there is around things being integrated into health care. More specifically, I'm looking how a state agency might partner with a health care system collaboratively to ensure that clinicians are incorporating TIC and have an understanding of how ACEs/trauma impact health. Any feedback folks have would be wonderful!

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Robin Matthies - Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris [now California's state 'Surgeon General'] has a few you-tube TED Talk videos on this; I don't know how formalized an Evidence-Base there may be. Ontario Canada's 'Evidence Exchange Network ( may have something there, as well as the World Health Organization's adaptation of the US CDC/Kaiser ACE Screening Tool (the WHO ACE International Questionnaire-available in 100 languages on the WHO website, which cover two types of ACEs: Adverse Community Environments and Adverse Childhood Experiences ....  which may address those 'ACEs' noted in a 2000 'Grand Rounds' presentation at [then Dartmouth, now] Geisel Medical School: "52% of Detroit Metropolitan Area Schoolchildren met the DSM-IV criteria for PTSD". Similar numbers of Schoolchildren have subsequently been reported in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, and in June of 2018-at five charter schools in New Orleans (schools in N.O. are reportedly run by city health dep't.)...

"Monadnock Thrives" in the Cheshire County New Hampshire area may give you some examples of TIC; Tarpon Springs, and Gainesville. Florida may also ... I'll try to get back to this question next year [after New Year's Day-tomorrow].....

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