My name is Windy and I am a graduate public health student (Behavioral Sciences/Health Education - DrPH) needing to complete a field placement for an internship/practicum.  I am very eager and interested in working with a researcher or organization conducting ACES work in the community.  The purpose of the practicum is to broaden my understanding of a specific research topic and methods, as well as to acquire specific skills that are essential to carrying out my dissertation research.  My dissertation is on ACES and health outcomes.

The practicum involves directed research and a research advisor – who, along with the student, develops a research work plan with clear goals and objectives. 

I live in Raleigh, NC and work in Research Triangle Park. I have 15 years experience in clinical research and can provide support in many phases of the research project including – literature reviews, data collection, data analysis, report writing and presentation development. Additionally, I have a degree in Community Psychology, am a Certified Peer Support Specialist and a Certified Health Education Specialist.  I am also willing to work in the community and in developing community partnerships.

I am open to doing any work to bring awareness to the ACES movement that fits with my curriculum.

I am a survivor (ACES score of 8), mother and advocate on a mission to help other survivors heal!

Thank you 


PS - the practicum can be unpaid

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OMG - Windy - you are awesome!!!  I wish you were on the West Coast - we'd snap you up so fast!  There has to be an incredible placement for you!  To help folks who might be skimming the question - I used bold to highlight key text. 

Carey Sipps is the ACES Connection Community Facilitator in the South East region - let's get you two connected.  Carey has many incredible contacts and was just in NC a week or so ago.  

Here is Carey's contact info - including her hyperlinked email address!

SE Regional Community Facilitator, ACEsConnection  
Email : csippaces@gmail.com
Carey S. Sipp (ACEsConnection Staff)
Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to be supportive!

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Karen Clemmer (ACEs Connection Staff)