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In June, i found out that my accountant did not file my corporate taxes for 7 years. He lied to me about my owing anything to CRA here in Toronto. I caught him in a lie, and spoke to the Revenue Tax. I have spent years working on my own personal work, healing and undrestanding in deeper terms how the impact of my life growing up affected me from a physical and emotional standpoint. Using body centered approaches. It seems that for me as i grew up in class priviledge that most of my issues has centered around money. This is at it's height... As someone who has experienced childhood sexual abuse and violence in my family of origin, most of my work has been share my narrative as someone who inherited money and how money was used as power and control.  I have been sitting with some deep questioning as to how i did not pick up anything unusal i believed him and in return through his lies and deceit it brings me right back to some old trauma time. How does one tell that the person one is working with is telling the truth. 

I need to rely on the professionals especially around the area of finances. I also have a learning disability and he was aware of this. I have hired a lawyer here in toronto to begin the complaint process for me, and i would like to do a civil law suit. 


but i know that this could go on for years.  I stopped blaming myself... but a large amount of funds has come out and now more money needed to hire the lawyer and make sure that all documents are in place.  I think it would be important to offer a workshop for women who have to rely on professionals especially financial to look for the warning signs.  He knew my history and still took great liberty...


I wonder when this kind of abuse will stop.... i have two great accountants now, who get it... but the cost has been emotionally based and i hope he will loose his licennce to practice. 

thoughts from the community. ? 

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Interesting.  Maybe after one’s been terribly hurt & abused at the hands of parents, it’s easy to flip between a naive trust of others in which one is used and abused over and over to an almost paranoid mistrust because of all the times one tried to trust and was then taken advantage of.  

For me, it’s like there is some kind of neurodivergent brain development that has occurred where it is really difficult to understand the intentions of others particularly malfeasant intentions. 

I’m glad you posted this and I hope you can find the answers you seek.  I want to thank you because I did learn something that is useful to me... these things aren’t about poverty alone as this also happens to people who didn’t grow up in extreme poverty.   Thanks and God Bless 

your most welcome Tina, yes financial abuse happens across the board there are no class lines. I have written my own narrative and shared it within the wealth community and offered a workshops at a foundation i sit with for people with wealth because it is very complex... i speak to class and classism, oppression and i have certanaly have a deep money practice and look at the ways in which i too carry power.  

I agree with you, i never distrusted my old accountant but never rocked the boat either.. it is a neurodivergent brain deveolopment thank you for this... thank you for emailing me back. i did post my narrative once here... and got some responses....

take good care, and in heartful appreciation. 

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