Is There a Child Version of the ACEs Survey?

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your question. As it happens, we did a similar search last year and came up empty. In the end we developed a child-friendly version of the questionnaire in the fall of 2016. We used it (with good results) for a large group of 11- and 12- year olds. Together with a colleague I hope to publish a short article on ACEs Connection next week, including the questionnaire, our research results and how we intend to incorporate these in our trauma-informed care plans. You are free to use this questionnaire, although it is in Dutch and is therefore probably in need of translation to meet your goals.

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Tim Mulder, Augeo Foundation, The Netherlands

Some pediatricians have ACEs questions they ask parents about their children, as well as a version for youth.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris' survey has both here:

You can find an ACEs questionnaire used for youth in this story about the Elsie Allen High School health clinic:

Dr. Ariane Marie-Mitchell developed a whole child assessment survey that incorporates ACEs questions. There are different questions for different age groups, and youth take their own. More here:

Dr. Christina Bethell incorporated ACEs and resilience questions into the National Survey of Children's Health -- here's an article about it:

I hope this helps!

In Arkansas we are using a tool in early childcare and home visiting settings we developed ( successfully.  The tool is useful for intervention and evaluation as well as including a screen for preschool ACEs.

McKelvey, L. M., Whiteside-Mansell, L., Conners-Burrow, N.A., Swindle, T., & Fitzgerald, S. (2016).  Assessing adverse experiences from infancy through early childhood. Child Abuse and Neglect, 51, 295-302. DOI: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2015.09.008


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