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I am looking for examples of programs or curricula (especially related to public health or behavior change) that incorporates an understanding of trauma/ACES and/or includes lessons or content on trauma/ACES. I am developing a public health nutrition curriculum that incorporates a trauma-informed lens and resilience building approaches along with teaching nutrition literacy. The aim of this curriculum is not to address or heal trauma in a clinical sense. Please share any programs or curricula (it doesn't have to be nutrition related) that is not mental health-focused/therapy but rather addresses toxic stress, brain health and trauma, ACES and its role in decisions and behaviors, and teaches resilience building strategies.

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Hi Monica! 

You've touched upon an often overlooked issue - the intersection between childhood adversity / behavior / metabolism. 

Here is a slide set I co presented - not exactly what you are seeking - but some parts might be useful.  Use as you wish!   Exploring the Intersection Between Perinatal Substance Use and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) 

Also attached a rough slide deck with various journal articles linking ACEs, obesity, etc.  Use as you wish. 

Please see the two attached documents are from Oregon - there is the training guide and the post test.  

Here is a link to WIC WORKS Policy Futures

I hope this is helpful!

Please consider sharing your learnings - journey - process - outcomes - etc. as you develop your public health nutrition program!  You are a trend-setter! 

All my best,


I have had great feedback so far on this. The kids love it and so do I. Basically, it makes teens aware of the link between behavior and link it to what's going on at home.

What I can do depends on how much time I have. Usually it's been an hour. So this is a brief, one hour intervention meant to make them more aware. Interesting but the feedback from the event showed that the kids not only loved it, they told the counselors no one had ever asked how they were coping. 

The target here was YMCA teen leaders from the southeast. They are all part of Leader's club. So it was not a group of kids in poverty. But it was a group of kids affected by the heroin epidemic, neglect etc


Feedback: https://annemoss.com/2018/03/2...cise-with-teenagers/



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