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Hi Jennifer,

We have a self assessment tool that is being used in the Juvenile Justice center here in Middle Tennessee as well as a few medical practices. We're also in final discussions with a couple of county jails and  county school systems in Florida and Tennessee for implementation as well.

The tool is an app and portal called eHealthTrac. There are currently 16 DSM 5 self assessment mental health screenings, and we are currently developing an ACEs predictive modeling module to be added soon. The ACEs module will be more than just the determinant questions, it is being designed with AI to be able to learn and get better with each use.

If you would like to see a brief recorded demo just send me a quick email to and I'll send you a link and password.

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Here in Fairfax County Virginia, our local Juvenile Court Service Unit worked with Dr. Christopher Branson from NYU, and used his Trauma-Informed Juvenile Justice Organizational Self-Assessment (TIJJ), the first and only validated measure of trauma-informed care developed specifically for juvenile justice agencies/systems (at least it was 6 years ago when we first used it!). We did an initial assessment in 2016, a repeat assessment in 2018, and are preparing to reassess again, and have been happy with the tool. 

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