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I would love the opportunity to speak to your group.  I have authored a book that came out in July and just passed the 100,000 books sold mark.  The book details my 17 years of being sexually abused by my father. 

I am now traveling the country speaking and leading workshops through Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital

Let me know if I can help out.


Dr. Gregory Williams

Senior Administration

Baylor College of Medicine  & Texas Children's Hospital

Houston, Texas

Our organization the NASMHPD Center for Innovations in Trauma Informed Care has been regularly providing trainings to school systems across the country and I would be happy to assist in any way. I have  spoken in venues nationally and internationally on not only trauma informed care but the more pressing issue of its much needed implementation in our systems. 


Brian R. Sims, M.D.

Senior Medical Advisor

National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors 

Alexandria, Virginia

Would be happy to chat, I was the lunch keynote for last year's ATN National Trauma Informed Schools conference as well as keynote for the recent Moving the Needle conference in Wichita. I have presented at ASCD, Beyond Consequences, and many many more on this topic, specific to schools and implementing practices, over the past 5 yrs. Here is my website 

Like others, I'd be happy to speak - though of course what's most important is fit and identifying your audience and the scope of the content. 

I have done presentations focused on defining and understanding trauma and ACEs, school-wide approaches to trauma-informed schools, and tier-2 approaches and strategies that educators can use to support those with trauma histories. Other presentations I have done look at trauma screening and assessment (using my school psychologist hat), and trauma-informed IEPs (with a new book coming out from LRP on this - just submitted a final draft with Dr. David Bateman as my co-author).

But, there are many outstanding speakers out there depending on your needs. 

Hi Linda,

When I retired as a school principal, I began speaking at various national conferences for educators on a variety of trauma-informed topics.  Most recently I presented at the National At-Risk Educators Network conference in Baltimore for audience of school administrators on successfully planning a trauma-informed districtwide implementation.  My website has more information.  Of course whomever you seek as a keynote speaker should be a good match for your audience and your budget.  Feel free to call me if you have questions.  My business website:  my informational website on trauma for educators:

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