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is anyone aware of an article or maybe some ideas about how teachers might address and talk about "lock down" with preschool children?  We are implementing a procedure at our inner city pre school that provides Head Start and Child Care to 90+ children and their families.  Many of them coming from immigrant, refugee and asylee situations and others coming out of and from other traumatic situations. Need less to say, high ACEs all around.  Thanks and gratitude in advance to all and those who might have a lead on this or an idea of where we might go to as we start this safety measure at our Head Start/Pre School facility.    

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There has been some great ideas on this topic over at the NAEYC Open Discussion Forum. You have to have a membership to post, but not view the threads as far as I know. Here is one:;tab=digestviewer

We subcontract our Head Start and ECEAP (WA state-funded version) through PSESD and I am attaching the procedures for all hazards preparedness drills. The last page of the document covers lockdown expectations. 

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