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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of leadership during crises and change. We've had some opportunity to observe international leaders, organizational leaders, as well as domestic government leadership (federal, state, and local).  I've listened with empathy as organizational partners shared that they have already been forced to layoff staff. Others struggle to make sense of how their family, staff, clients, and students will fare. Still others question how the organization itself will recover.

Leaders can certainly help us feel less afraid in the midst of this uncertainty. They can and in so many ways have helped provide timely resources/information as we adjust to social distancing, meeting material needs, and organizational shutdowns. 

Let's have a discussion about how we can do more of the type of leadership these times so desperately need.

In your industry, how has the COVID-19 outbreak changed what "leadership" looks like and how it operates for you and your stakeholders? What are some examples of leadership decisions you applaud and want to replicate right now? As a leader yourself, what resources, information, and/or support could help you guide those you serve? 

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As an elementary school principal, I have to say that our State and District Superintendent have communicated frequently in this ever changing challenge.  I applaud our district leaders for staying connected with all of the principals, other leaders, and families through timely newsletters, Zoom, and now Google Meet gatherings.  I believe that collaboration is still the key to getting to the next step of helping our students.  Knowing your staff and who may be having difficulty with next steps is important so they can  be paired up (virtually) with a person or group that will help them be successful.  This is uncharted territory that has never been done with quick roll out.  Taking one step at a time is necessary but those steps need to move at a faster pace than what some are used to. It is important as a leader that you also have your own connections and collaboration time.  Find your people and reach out to share ideas.  Stay connected with your state leadership organizations.  Be optimistic and try to stay positive, which can be difficult when your own family or neighbor is waiting for Covid-19 test results.  Take care of YOU, take a walk, take a few of those belly breathes we teach our students, and be kind.


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