Good Morning!  My name is Doreen Guma, I am a board-certified healthcare executive with a background for many years in quality improvement.  Over these past 30 years, no matter the interventions put in place for drugs / suicide, I have been watching our society become more "sick and sad".  I have been doing research over these past 7+ years and have a program where I would like to work with other like-minded professionals to shift the negative and potentially preventable outcomes.

I founded the Time to Play Foundation, a 501c3 not for profit advocacy organization with the goal to enrich the lives of people and communities in 2014.  We have 2 main programs - the Enjoy Life Community(r) and the PREinvent YOUR Life(r) program - see attached programs at a glance overview. 

I have a lot of hope for what we can do through these two programs to decrease social isolation and provide proactive skills in a VISIBLE and proactive manner vs. our society's norm of reinvention and recovery.  There is much to share and I would love to connect with anyone who may be interested in working together to change the outcomes to positive and preventive.

My cell is 631-275-5912.  My email:  Please contact me to further discuss.


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