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Hi Everyone!

Emote needs help with our digital marketing/content!

We're looking for someone who can help us thoughtfully message how our work can support school trauma-informed efforts. I'm sharing here because a) It's important this person understands the space b) we'd prefer to work with the community we serve

This initial opportunity is on a project base and will run 2-4 weeks but has the potential to become full time if everything goes well!


If you're interested and think you can help us better message our impact in schools send an email to with more information about your work. 

Thank you!

Julian | CEO and Founder | LinkedIn

About Emote:

Emote provides schools a real-time lens into student social-emotional state so they can proactively and collaboratively identify need and target support. We were founded by a team of educators tired of putting out fires. 3 years in we've worked with over 60 schools across the country and world.

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I have the PERFECT PERSON for you!  Her name is Kristen Bernier and she is a Director of Marketing (currently) for a large healthcare provider in NH.  She has 20+ years of experience with branding, marketing, PR, and communications.  She is launching her own firm in June and she wants to focus on messaging and communication for trauma-informed initiatives.  She is very well informed about the work as I have been training and educating her on this for over three years and she has assisted with marketing for HERE this NOW.

Her contact information is 603-525-4455 or email is


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