Looking for help/resources (PPT) I can use for a community discussion on ACES

Hi there, I live in a rural community at the tip of Michigan's upper peninsula.  The Pair of ACES describes this town.  Despite that, it has strong and growing interest in repair.  I belong to a small but cross sector group aligned with our local library that is willing to host a community discussion to increase community understanding on ACEs and the group mission.

Does anyone have a resource, power point they could share?  I don't want to overwhelm people for this first talk.  We plan to do one a month or every other month.

Thank you reading and sharing

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Hi Michele,

I have put together a presentation in two parts for upcoming Parent Nights. I would be happy to share them with you (I give credit on the final slide, but much of the material comes from resources like the Harvard Center on the Developing Child). They are large files but I can send you the links if you would like. Feel free to private message me!



Hi Michele!

We have over 100 ACE Interface (http://www.aceinterface.com/About.html) Master Trainers throughout Michigan.  These marvelous Trainers provide education pertaining to the ACE Study, neuroscience, epigenetics & resilience.  If you would like me to connect you with the host/coordinator in Michigan, please email me at kathy@kadamsconsulting.com.

Best wishes to you & your community!


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