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I am a general internist practicing in Sacramento, California.  I am doing a research study (case-control) to investigate the effects ON THE CLINICIAN of a trauma-informed / ACE forward practice.  I am looking for approximately 100 clinicians to fill out a 3-4 page survey to assess how this has impacted their practice, their well-being as well as level of burnout.  My intent is to have this published in JAMA, and/or the results to be perhaps hit new media to help spread the word and impact of treating ACEs.

all questions or comments are welcomed!

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Excellent! I wonder if it may be possible to sleuth out some of the providers or organizations listed in key reports? Johns Hopkins partnered with HRSA and has searchable findings.  The California ACEs Action Community may have more information regarding early adopters of ACEs screening. Elsie Allen High School Health Center in Santa Rosa (CA) was involved in the Johns Hopkins effort and it is interesting to note that they needed to take a pause during the rollout to allow time for staff to process what they were learning and reflect on the impact of ACEs on their own lives. This was especially true for lower level staff -who are often seen as informal health champions in their communities. Their buy-in and understanding of the rationale for ACEs screening was critical to the health center’s success - internally and out in the community. I hope you loop back around and give updates as your work evolves. Thanks again for reaching out and sharing your exciting work! Karen

Kristina Turner posted:

I am looking for ACES informed trauma counselors in Las Cruces New Mexico U.S.A. because I find my counselor antagonistic toward me talking about the childhood abuse & military assaults responsible for my Complex PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injury & Traumatic Amnesia.

Hi Kristina, Some people on ACEs Connection find the Practicing Resilience for Self-Care and Healing community site useful in terms of finding people with shared interests around hope and healing. I hope this is useful to you too.  
While I am not aware of an ACEs Connection community group in New Mexico, we do have MAP that shows where there are active communities.  One community in Alameda County California offered THIS website as a place to seek out a therapist. I hope this is helpful information. When life feels difficult, it is very hard to seek out support and not find it. Please let me know if there are others ways to offer support. Thank you for your service. Karen

Dear Drew:
I worked with an NP and shared about my high ACEs and wrote about that for ACEsTooHigh. Her name is Lisa Vasile and she's based in MA. I'm not sure which ACEs she asks about and what the particulars of the process are, just that she does not include that in her new patient info. gathering. I've not seen her again, unfortunately, that lengthy and awesome care I got, wasn't lasting because of the length of the appts (too long to remain covered by insurance) which caused the practice to close.  But, she was a fantastic NP who still practices (though in MA). Here's a link to an article and she also has commented on the article so you can find her email as well as links in the article itself. Also, @Laurie Udesky (ACEs Connection Staff) and @Jane Stevens (ACEs Connection staff) routinely write about various places and people who use ACE screenings in varied ways and their articles are on ACEs Too High and/or ACEs Connection so it's worth sifting through those for names and leads. I hope that helps.

Hi Drew, 
I want to thank my colleague Cissy for suggesting you look under my name for articles about physicians using ACEs screening. In addition, I would suggest that you join the ACEs in Pediatrics community that i manage, search through postings there as well as copy your "ask the community" post there.   I'll be interested to learn what you find out! Please keep us posted! 

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