Hi Amelia,  this is rather awkward but I’d like to throw my hat in the ring by recommending me . I’ve been speaking about ACES, Chronic Toxic Stress and the potential barriers to effectively implementing  TIC. 

i used real world personal and professional experiences to bring to life the evidence based data from the ACEs Study.

i’d be happy to speak with you in more detail about my talk and my experience. I’ve attached a link to the 1st impromptu talk I did about ACES. I was at a personal development conference when the organizer pulled me out of the audience to talk about ACEs. This was not planned. I’m attaching so you can get a feel for my style.

Thank you !

With love, gratitude and heart💕





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Hi Amelia,

I'd also be happy to speak, though feel free to share more details about what you're looking for - length, tone, balance of instructional vs. motivational/inspirational (i.e., do you want someone sharing statistics and teaching about ACEs and trauma?).

I'm happy to help identify someone if I'm not the right fit, though looks like plenty of others here are willing as well. 

Hi Ameilia,

I have been speaking nationally and internationally on this topic for about two years with a focus on parenting, family support, and coaching. I'm chair of the Family Life coaching Association and I'm a professor at NCSU with a focus in family life and parenting. Let me know if I can be of help. Good luck...such an important topic!


Kimberly Allen, PhD, BCC, CFLE
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist & Director of Graduate Programs, Youth, Family, and Community Sciences, North Carolina State University

Amelia Adkins posted:

Good morning, community,

I am working with a team to develop a symposium on trauma-informed education. My charge is to find a keynote. Recommendations, pls.

As a keynote speaker and trainer, I realize the impact of working with children and families who have experienced traumatic grief on professionals. My focus is Traumatic Bereavement Informed Care and Building Resilience in Professionals. I'd welcome the opportunity to chat. I'm on Linkedin; my website is griefworkcenter.com or you can reach out to me at BarbaraRubel@BarbaraRubel.com  Amelia, you have a huge job ahead of you. If you decide to chose another speaker, as there are many good ones, I am sure your event will be a success. Thank you for what you do!

Hi Amelia! I'd love to chat with you about this. Here is my speaker page: https://www.stacybrookman.com/speaker/. My talk is: Real Life Resilience - Using Tough Life Stories to Boost Strength and Resilience

People leverage me to unleash their stories and discover their hard-won wisdom, so they can command their personal power and emerge resilient and joyful. So I help them gain clarity from their life lessons, lean on their hard-won wisdom and have power to feel confident in themselves again.

There is this guy who used to play for Clemson, then went pro, and now works as a middle school sub and does public speaking. In addition to that he raises money for kids in his home town, and runs a football camp there in the summer for kids who need it. He is not an "expert" on aces, but he is really making a difference in the lives of kids with Aces.




Yes the time has come to understand trauma in all its nuances and build collaborative engagements to bring healing to all. Difficulties in life is not the same as trauma, that distinction is essential. My heartiest support to you for creating and curating this vital symposium.

I certainly envision being a part of this generational healing work to serve my fellow human beings in any and every way. I humbly offer to share awakening insights, the necessary shift generating message and experience so we all rise this tide together to soothe and heal the hurting beings effectively now.

I have envisioned and spoken for the healing for the masculine and the feminine for little over last twenty years, created workshops and spoke at Mothers Awakening gatherings locally in the midwest, in Israel and international spiritual gatherings in India. It has been humbling and fulfilling to also be the keynote at IMA - NW Indiana, the medical association gala and to address and bring local hindu, christian, jewish, muslim and other communities together. I have been a keynote speaker at Chicagoland high schools and also at cultural events at Chicago Cultural Center and at the Field Museum. All these efforts have been aimed at bringing healing on various levels. It will be a deep joy and heart-felt honour to be at the symposium and do my part in enhancing education, understanding for clearing and healing trauma in the human community. I look forward to speaking with you soon. 



Hi Amelia,

If you’re looking for a speaker that can specifically focus on district- and school-level education systems change, impacts of trauma on school success, and effective and feasible trauma-informed school practices, I would love to help! I have been the District Coordinator of Trauma-Informed Schools for Metro Nashville Public Schools for the last 4 years, lead a team of 6 district Trauma-Informed Specialists, and support this movement to effect widespread change throughout 169 schools. I speak and train nationally as well. If this sounds like a potentially good fit, please see my TEDx talk on trauma-informed schools at: 


or a recent talk I gave about our work for the state of TN: 


Warm regards,

Mary Crnobori, PhD, BCBA




Dr. Shawn Ginwright and his push for a shift from trauma-informed care to healing-centered engagement made for a fantastic keynote the last two years at the NW Children's Foundation annual conference: http://www.shawnginwright.com/

Also Coreen is a speaker and has a documentary about her trauma history and the healing work she has done: https://www.acreatedlifemovie.com/ 

I was fortunate to bring the screening of Wrestling Ghosts, a documentary by filmmaker Ana Joanes to my national conference last June. The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) screened the documentary and held a powerful panel following the screening for 1200 attendees of the conference. Here is a link to a blog post that I wrote about the experience and specifically about Ana Joanes, the filmmaker who I endorse as a highly effective and memorable speaker: https://relentlessschoolnurse....n-experiential-film/

Hi Amelia,

I am a trauma survivor (7 on the ACEs survey) and am the Executive Director of the new PA Governor's Office of Advocacy and Reform.  We're charged with protecting vulnerable populations and making PA a Trauma-Informed State.  I have been giving speeches and workshops on the intersection of poverty and trauma (mixing my personal experiences with brain science and data around trauma, toxic stress, ACEs, scarcity, etc.) for the past several years, mostly to school districts and individual schools in PA.  I'd be happy to talk to you about this if you're interested.  My email address is djurman@pa.gov.  Good luck with your search!


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