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I'm looking for an organizational assessment for measuring the implementation of trauma-informed principles. I'm aware of the ARTIC scale and the TICOMETER, but I can't find a sample of either without paying a significant amount of money. As anyone used these assessments in an HR setting? Or do you know of another assessment? Specifically, I'll be working with restaurants (owners/managers/staff), so I don't want an assessment that is too heavy in the behavioral health side of things.



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A scale Dr. Nochajski and I developed at the Institute of Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care may fit perfectly with your goal of measuring TIC principles. I would recommend our reduced version, the TICS10 (Trauma-Informed Climate Scale 10-Item Version). The TICS10 measures each of the five values/principles of trauma-informed care from staff's perspective (safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, and empowerment). It is universal and can be used across settings (we have used it in healthcare, residential treatment, school settings, amongst others). 

The full scale with scoring instructions is available for free online, and can be accessed here:

If you would like additional instructions, or have trouble accessing the article, please feel free to email me at I would be happy to assist.

Kind regards,

Travis Hales

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