Mental-health journalist looking for people to share ACEs experience

I wrote an article about asking survivors to tell their stories, whether it be publicly or privately. This topic became a real issue with human trafficking survivors being asked to tell their stories. I wrote the article in an attempt to help the communication between requester and survivor. From the feedback I get from those who read it, it has helped the requester understanding what they are asking of the survivor and its helped survivors make a more sound decision on whether to accept the invitation and what to expect. Many human trafficking victims and survivors don't know how to negotiate or recognize a mutually satisfying agreement when only in the first few stages of recovery so this is a sensitive topic and yes the requester may be asking for too much, depending on the level of recovery the survivor is in and whether they want to go public or not. I attached the article. Here is a link to a website that was created by a HT survivor leader to help journalists conduct interviews that don't re-traumatize victims/survivors.

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Ruth Rondon



Caroline Covington posted:


I'm working on a story for public radio in Texas about adults living with complex PTSD as a result of experiencing ACEs. If you are interested in sharing your experience, please email me at: and we can set up a time to talk.




I would just like to add to this conversation: the reason why I inject the HT topic into the ACEs topics is simply because 70-90% of all trafficked women were sexually abused (or trafficked) as children. Adult survivors that know they were sexually abused as children were, in fact trafficked as children, and they didn't even know it at the time. I know several HT survivors who never knew they were trafficked as children until they found out what HT is. I really don't like the words "Human Trafficking" because it sounds too bizarre and makes people want to continue to look the other way because they can't relate. A better term, that I use is:  illegal exploitation. People can relate to that term much better than to the term HT. 

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