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Hello all! I've been reading about how a mindfulness meditation program can help to reverse the changes seen in children and adults with high ACE scores. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find such a program that has free access for people in the community? I'm hoping to find something to help a family member, but I'm also doing a little research of my own as part of an MPH program. Thanks in advance!

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Don't make it complicated. There are 1001 resources and all of them work. The trick is finding one that the person like and helping them to develop the habit of mindfulness. I am betting that there are several groups in your area. There are also great self-help books. A favorite of mine is Mindfulness: An Eight Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Penman.

There are also great apps. I like the Insight Timer (available for both ios and android). 

And there are an endless array of online resources like: https://www.mindful.org/medita...ess-getting-started/

The big challenge is doing it regular over a long enough time period. It is like the gym. You build muscle by doing it, not studying it.



Good point. An individual 30 minute session may not be best for everyone. That said, it is low cost, low risk, and worth a try. My experience is that most people with significant histories of trauma are able to meditate by themselves. The setting and duration can be varied. Guided meditations can be helpful. And if it feels uncomfortable, it is easy to just stop.

It is great that there are group supports for people who do better with a group. And many people seem to do well with a weekly group for support and individual sessions in between. No single solution. Trial and error can help people to find a practice that works for them.

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