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Working on classroom materials for after our school events, a board for the classrooms that has each student be the ’hero’ of the day and their name is written on this whiteboard, and they have specific tasks for the day, just trying to figure out what these new tasks should be for the students to do to help their peers, build resiliency as well as connecting with their peers and what the rules of the game should be. Also how we cycle through students names so each student is on the board and it cycles back to the first student and cycles through all students constantly for a yearly thing. Our age group is Kindergarten to 3rd grade.

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I would be careful about this. This idea of lifting people up can be really stressful and narrows the resilience window. (Every student should have a job anyway.) At its essence it is kind of a manipulative way of trying to teach.  What would happen if you just sat everyone in a circle every day and they connected or gave compliments as in responsive classroom circles or Positive Discipline circles. Our experience is that is more effective.

Underneath we are always asking. How can we help students feel safe, connected and valued? How can we help them become more aware?

There are lots of ways to approach this...our favorite is the Positive Discipline curriculum which starts with Agreements, routines, meaningful work (jobs) and then goes to self regulation, communication, respect.... all taught experientially so the students can feel it as well as know it.

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May I also suggest your consideration of having service learning projects for your K-3 students. Developing and facilitating Youth Leadership with 3rd-5th grade students at Cherokee Point Elementary (inner-city San Diego) in the school-year long after school youth leadership, they chose service learning projects with a specific aim on social justice. This video clip highlights the Domestic Violence and Gang Violence groups.


My sense is your kindergarten students can still be engaged in service learning through age-appropriate dialog on how they can share their hearts and voice on behalf of others. Service learning is such a powerful practice of building empathy muscles, which build resilience. Strengthening their interpersonal intelligence, they also improve their intrapersonal intelligence.

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