i’d like to ask your help getting the word out for our free Emotional First-Aid workshop for veterans Oct. 12, in the Sacramento area. While open to all, details on link below, we’re especially focused on offering the class at no charge to this group. 

Specifically we’re offering strategies and interventions for in-the-moment use, to ground, rebalance and restore to resourceful state. We’re on a mission to empower people to have better tools for these troubling times, and to create prevention strategies for traumatic encoding of events and vicarious trauma.

Thank you for your help spreading this invitation.  Here’s the link:


or bit.ly/2IHPm5q


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Oh kerfuffle!  That is really bad news and I do not understand why. Let me try this again:  I went to my site and checked - not sure why but here is corrected link, below. Somehow the captured one I used...had an ellipsis, which wasn't so very useful.  

My apologies, thanks for your patience, and thanks very much for spreading the word to those who could benefit!  


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