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Philadelphia ACE Task Force would like to hear about how your organization is promoting staff wellness and resiliency.  What kind of wellness programs are helping to mitigate secondary trauma or burnout where you work?

Would you or someone from your organization consider being a guest on our Virtual Cafe (Zoom), which occurs every few weeks, and tell us about your work in these areas?

Please also feel free to call me at 267-266-0842 or email to

Here is additional information about the Virtual Cafe with links to two presentations/ interviews.

Our Virtual Cafes website page PATF:


Vic Compher

Co-Chair,  Policy Committee on STS / PATF

Director, Co-Producer of CAREgivers Film  

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Hi Vic, I'm happy to share more on a Zoom or call, if helpful.  I have been collaborating with multiple agency partners in the South Carolina region designing and implementing an array of resiliency programs ranging from Resilient Schools (bringing evidence-based ACEs training / MBSR training to classroom teachers) to corporate resiliency (lunch hour mindfulness and stress management workshops) and in 2014 we began digitizing the models in a trauma-informed framework called Sharpen.  More is at  I would love to help support your work in any way I can.  Warm regards, Robyn

When The Dibble Institute released our Mind Matters curriculum, instructors in many settings told us they saw its positive impacts in participants, classrooms, families, and communities. Now the content is available in an all-new format known as Mind Matters Now, designed for professionals and caring adults to develop Mind Matters skills on their own schedule! We would be happy to introduce and preview this content in a Zoom call!

Mind Matters Now is an on-demand, self-directed learning experience. Based on current neuroscience research, the content is designed to support participants as they address stress responses rooted in prior and current trauma. Available in a full 12-lesson format or in three 4-lesson bundles, Mind Matters Now will teach staff practical skills for tending to themselves in tough moments. They’ll practice techniques that help them pause, build hope, and move forward even when they feel stuck. We also have Continuing Education Credits available!

Please let me know how we may be of service to your staff in these tough times!

Hello Kay,

Thanks very much for sharing this info.  Sounds like a very worthwhile online self-care program that also includes CEU's.  

Our Virtual Cafes of the Philadelphia ACE Task Force on the other hand are looking for agency models of effective wellness (staff resiliency) programs and the lived experiences of the participants.  


Vic Compher

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