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I am an MSW student completing my Capstone project in my senior year.  My partner and I have decided to complete a research study on ACEs, Trauma Informed Care, and how it is being implemented in day to day operations of a child welfare system we are interning at.  In our research, we are trying to find a connection between the ACE's studies and the formation of TIC.  Up until now, we have only found information about child welfare agencies using TIC, but not how TIC developed in the first place.  Also, we wonder what child welfare agencies did before the ACES studies.  If you could help us by directing us toward research on the topic it would be very useful for us as we complete our literature review. Thank you for your time.

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Hi, Ruben: Trauma-informed care came out of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration —

Here's their overview of trauma-informed care:

Here's a link to their trauma publications:

SAMHSA began developing a trauma-informed approach in the 1980s, before the ACE Study was published, when the mental health and addiction communities thought there was no relation between mental illness and addiction (well....people who were addicted and mentally ill did; service providers didn't).

@Andrea Blanch is a good resource for how the trauma-informed was developed.

Hi, Ruben!  Dr. Bruce Perry's work on the impact of abuse and neglect on the developing brain was huge driver of work being done in early childhood education and child welfare in the 90s before the ACEs study was published.  Ghosts from the Nursery by Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith S. Wiley was also very influential in Child Welfare during that time.  These resources may help in your work as well.

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Two possible resources for you in addition to all the responses you've already been getting.

1. Vital Village and Dr. Jarrett. She was the first person I heard speak about trauma-informed frameworks rather than trauma-informed care (and why that matter). 

2. Benchmarks PFE in NC has a community on ACEs Connection, has done lots of research (via Dr. Katie Rosanbaum and others), and works closely with the child welfare system (and others). They may be a resource. She was interviewed for this piece.


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