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My name is Jenna Martin and I am the proud creator of a new series of chapter books, for early readers, dedicated to helping children learn vital resiliency skills through the journey of a sea star named Milo. The book itself contains elements of sensorimotor techniques, mindfulness, and resiliency skills such as journaling. Ultimately, it is a beautiful story that inspires children to love their uniqueness and to find the one thing thing that brings them joy and never let it go most especially during life's storms. 

As a former child and family therapist in the makings (I didn't complete my doctorate, but spent years in training), I found stories to be their own unique way of giving children a safe way to both talk and learn about ways to deal with complex emotions. Currently, I am working on a resiliency coaching program and beta testing it with several children and their famiilies. 

 This June, I will be launching the first book: Milo and the Wisdom of the Sea, and am in need of book reviewers in the ACES community.  That's you!

Here is a video to give you more context. 


If you are interested in reviewing the book before it goes to press please reach out to me at miloseastar@gmail.com. Thanks everyone!




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