There's lots happening in PA. Here are links to communities here on ACEs Connections that have on-the-ground initiatives. 

Also, here's a bit more about what's happening in PA i(from our state profiles done in 2018).
There's also great work being done by Father Paul Abernathy of FOCUS Pittsburgh and other communities and folks doing work in Crawford, PA via Peace4Crawford as well as new communities starting and growing and that will be public on our community soon. 
I'll tag a few others in PA who might be able to guide you more about what's happening locally. 
Finally, if you would like to help get an initiative launched, or because you need some help finding resources or navigating on the site, please reach out to me at 

Hi Doug,  great that you are interested in starting an ACEs Network!  Thanks Cissy for the connection. As Cissy notes there are a number of ACE Connection Networks already doing great work here as virtual communities and many of these communities also have in-person networks including one in Philadelphia, the ACE Task Force, that I am deeply involved in and networks in Delaware and Chester Counties.  Please feel free to reach out to me or Carolyn Smith-Brown we'd love to connect with you.

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