I am new to the ACEs community; a person with particular lived experience with mental health diagnosis, but surprisingly few physical health issues (so far) given my high score. I was very much attached to our pets growing up, and I’m wondering if there has been any research done into whether a close connection with pets increases resilience. Does anyone have any information regarding this possibility?

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Barbara Beaupre - The Topic of "Mammalian Attachment" may contribute some answers to your question - at least I hope it does. I had a similar 'close connection' with pets/ and other animals I 'tended' (including 'LaFayette Hanover'- a racehorse who 'retired' as blindness occurred...)...

The research showing the benefits of the human animal bond has dramatically increased over recent years.  If interested, the book titled "Transforming Trauma - Resilience and Healing Through Our Connections with Animals" is available through Amazon.  There are also numerous organizations that focus on research in this area.  Search under "benefits of human animal bond" and many options will come up for further ready.  


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