Is anyone interested in joining us in discussing, designing and strategizing the opening of an ethnically & culturally relevant Medical, Behavioral Intensive Outpatient Agency with  "next-generation' approaches' to families and person-centered care for individuals with complex health and social needs?
This approach is providing the opportunity to align the delivery of critical components of high-quality care for individuals with complex medical and social needs, including complex care management; trauma-informed care; physical and behavioral health integration; and mechanisms to address health integration; and mechanisms to address health-related social needs & housing.

Please feel free to reply or refer this information to someone in the community who is tired of the outcomes of our current approach to Homelessness, Addiction & Mental & Behavioral Health.

We are not seeking perfect people...we are seeking Peers, Professionals Family Members or those who lost someone to an OD, in the Community...who wants to become part of the solution! 

I attached a flyer of our residential campus which we are seeking to use as a residential facility or for an organization seeking to collaborate with us in expanding its services within the community. 
We are also seeking an office space in Pierce County to open a Community-based Health & Wellness create a community/residential resiliency after "trauma" for transgenerational healing.
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