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I read: 

Youth suicides, county-level poverty go hand in hand.


with great interest.  However, I really felt the problem is not poverty, per se.

The root cause seems to be poverty, but I have an alternative theory. A feeling that one has no control over circumstances tends to lead to exerting control over other, less powerful, people/institutions, in my experience. People in poverty often feel out of control of their situations. Since children are the least powerful class, they are most at risk of victimization in abusive situations (in the many forms that abuse comes in). Those situations inflict ACEs; ACEs increase personal and societal ills, including despair.

If it was possible to ensure that people in poverty had some feeling of control over their lives, then perhaps the suicide rate for children would decrease.

Does this make sense? Alleviating poverty might or might not impact children's suicide levels, depending on how that is achieved.

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