I am looking for materials for a presentation for an audience that may include children and adolescents who themselves may have experienced toxic stress (particularly gun violence).  Would appreciate any suggestion of available resources.  Also, if there are any interactive activities that someone knows of that would be particularly good...again keeping in mind there may be children in the group.

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There are variations of the "flipping your lid" activity that is appropriate for all ages, and can help give kids both language and a sign that they can use to express when they are becoming overwhelmed. If you Google 'flipping your lid' there are several videos you may find interesting. 

An activity we have done that can also be made age appropriate is one about "filling your cup" where you have clear cups with varying levels filled (we used colored sand, but you could use water or any number of substances that can be easily poured between cups). When we did this with several tables of parents, we talked through a scenario and as events happened, they poured sand from the full cup into another one. Events that 'fill your cup' - taking a breath, getting enough sleep, self-care, etc. - pour back into the original cup to refill it. Because they started with different amounts in the original cup, some people run out faster. We used that to model that depending on how full your cup is when you start your day, you might 'run out' sooner. "How Full is Your Bucket" is a kids book that delves into this as well: https://www.amazon.com/How-Ful...t-Kids/dp/1595620273

Another thought is that Conscious Discipline has a brain states model that might also be useful: https://consciousdiscipline.co...y/brain-state-model/

There are other variations of that as well. Check out the many resources in ACEs Connection as well!

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