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I am working on legislation in California and looking for information from other states/Counties and was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me

1. Does your state/county department of CPS/DCFS/etc. handle Domestic and Institutional cases ?

2. Are your Institutional cases handled by a specific team? Or is it mixed in with Domestic?

3. What state and county and you located?

ie- In California - all cases of Institutional (non-familial) abuse cases are automatically deferred to Law Enforcement. In New Jersey- they have a state wide response team/investigative unit specifically for Institutional cases. 


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Nevada. Same as CA, but we have a very weird law requiring CPS to investigate β€œcorporal punishment” in schools. They didn’t want to, and kept turning parents (mostly of disabled students) down even after the law passed. We worked with the Director here (northern Nevada) to set up protocol. They still do everything they can not to get involved. 

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