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I'm a student and clinician currently completing my doctoral degree. I am interested in stories of growth and change as defined and described by individuals who experienced adverse childhood experiences.

My goal is to add this perspective to the trauma literature which at the moment rarely includes the perspective of those who have lived through these challenging childhood experiences. My research focuses on the positive growth and change possible in the wake of adversity.

If you are interested, please complete the survey here:

Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card and if selected to be interviewed, you will be compensated with $50.

This research is anonymous and your information will be kept confidential. More information available here:

Thank you!!!

Naydine Johney


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I hope you report back what people share (if that's possible in any way).

Also, on both ACEs Too High and this site, ACEs Connection, you will find MANY essays, memoirs, book titles and blog posts where people do share stories, experiences, and from the survivor perspective. We need more though and I'm so glad this is a focus of your work. 

It sounds like a wonderful and needed project!


I intend to!!! I decided to do this specific research because I felt like there are so many survivor stories that inspire and teach that should be included in the trauma literature. Not just the negatives but also the growth and positive change are worth noting. When I've completed the research I plan to share it here and with as many people who may benefit from seeing that perspective, described and defined by those who experienced it.

Karen Clemmer posted:

Leslie Lieberman (  is also a member of ACEs Connection and she also has an interest in stories - you two might have some shared interests!  Here is her recent Ask the Community message:  Conversations that Matter  I hope this is helpful!  Karen


Do you mean  RE the Conversations that Matter project? I know Leslie Lieberman is a beautiful writer and so she may be a story collector as well.  Cis

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