i'm not a "blogger" but i wrote the attached piece a few years ago - and thought I'd share it here for your consideration...  My 40+ year career in Public Health, and my 20+ years of experience in using the Grief Recovery Method has convinced me that unresolved grief is the underlying root of many - if not all - of our Public Health ills.  I have found the Grief Recovery Method to be a very effective tool in teaching resilience skills to deal with one's unresolved grief.  And similarly if we could help teach these skills to our children and youth, we might  just prevent some of the grief that would be associated with the losses - or ACES - they are bound to experience in childhood and later life.  Grief is about way more than just death - but also the loss of hopes, dreams, expectations; the loss of intangibles like safety, trust, faith and hope...  and so ACES happen, and grief is the result...  which can impact lives for decades in both physical, mental, relational and spiritual health realms.  I hope you'll visit www.griefrecoverymethod.com or contact me for more information on how these programs might be used as easily accessible, community-based interventions to both deal with grief, and also to help teach our children and youth better skills for dealing with the grief in their lives.  I'd love to hear your thoughts - lhall@griefrecoverymethod.com or 541-389-7906.


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Grief Recovery as an accessible intervention
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