Community I am new to ACEs Connection and  am looking to connect with others like myself who are trying hard to put resilience building blocks into action to help traumatized youth not just bounce back, but move forward with confidence. I have created, in draft form, a resource guide and action planning tool. I would love to know what others are doing? What's out there that is working? I am in the process of seeking clinical collaboration within my agency to round out the guide and tool. If you have anything you'd like to share or are interested in collaboration with a clinical lens please let me know. 

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Hi Karen,
Welcome to the ACEs Connection community!  When I read your question I thought of the work happening in North Carolina - please see the attached pdf for more details. What I think might be most useful, based on your question, may be the "resiliency scale" described below.  

To learn more click here: North Carolina ACES and TIC Information Sheet

Copied from the link:
The group has developed messaging about ACEs and resilience through collaborations with the FrameWorks Institute They devised a “resiliency scale” that can tip either way based on positive or negative experiences in life, and a “resource grid” that demonstrates how social, health and educational supports that help the whole communities to thrive.

I hope this is helpful! 


See  We are providing a unique mindsets based Social Emotional Learning program that significantly improves grit (resiliency) and other major factors, including all 10 Core Competencies of CASEL.  Our online portals are beyond exceptional.  We've changed school cultures around the U.S. and touched the lives of over 500,000 students to date.  Request a free demonstration when you check out the site.  The videos of school transformation are quite moving.

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