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Does anyone know of any resilience scales that have been used in elementary school children (age 6-9)? So far I have found that Connor Davidson has been used is children as young as 10 and California Healthy Kids Survey with middle school and high school students. Thanks!

Ashleigh Hall

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Ashleigh Hall,

     I believe there's one in use in Maine, which was noted on the [nationwide] SPSCOT (State Personnel Systems Coalition on Trauma) Listserve founded by Ann Jennings. It may have been via a Head Start program near Penobscot. My copy of it is at home, and I'm not sure where, but I'll look, and try to follow-up on this.

     Pediatrician (& state legislator) George Till sponsored & introduced HB 762 in the Vermont 2013 Legislative session, requiring All Vt. Health Care providers to screen all patients-regardless of age, for ACEs. One of our ACEsConnection members in Vermont was subsequently working on the matter of how to word the ACE questions for children, but I haven't yet heard the outcome. I'm not sure of what resilience questionaire might have accompanied it. ....


I went on 'Google' today, to:  "Penobscot Head Start Resilience", and one of the first few entries was a link back to, and one other was a link to their [Penobscot's] resilience presentations, among a rather lengthy list. Also noted some entries on the World Health Organization's "ACE International Questionaire" items, which addressed "Resilience". Hope this is helpful.

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