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I might suggest the Helping Children with Loss program under the auspices of the Grief Recovery Institute.  This is a 4-session, 10 hour class for parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors and others who have, love, care for or work with children and  youth.  The program is available both in person (depending on Covid conditions) and live online.  To learn more in the US - visit https://www.griefrecoverymetho...elping-children-loss

Our UK counterparts have additional resources, including in-class curricula for teachers at all levels, for social and emotional learning.   To learn more about these - both products for sale as well as free downloadable fliers, visit

I would also be glad to speak with anyone who has questions about these resources.

Lois Hall, MS

I like Mind Matters. I’d also suggest teachers and adults check out the site. Downloadable brochure with 4 easy applications that can be done in a snap, also videos with kids and adults that are β€˜plugβ€”and-play for anyone. There are at least a dozen video options  to choose from, and all easy to play for the self  or group.

Not to seem immodest but I have a hand-picked collection from my years teaching Emotional First-Aid in the book on Amazon - Compassion In Action: Emotional First-Aid for Children.  It’s got a section for you, a section for teaching children, and a section for teaching others how to teach them. 😊 I’ve included a handy what-to-do-when chart, and also talk about the phases of any troubling event so that the user will feel more confident about what skills are most useful to teach in any of them.

Hope that helps. I believe when we teach them how to use the body to both find and feel their safety, strength, and sense of resiliency,  that the mind will easily come to see and believe that, so that next time they have a situation, they’ll also have very real memory (β€˜evidence’ ) that they ARE resilient.

Jondi Whitis

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