Sending out much gratitude from the rural town of Sault Ste. Marie Michigan in the upper peninsula!

I'm so grateful to this group and others for inspiration and assistance.

Our little group is growing here and we were wondering how we could join up here as well and start our own blog area on ACESconnection.  Our group is volunteers, small but mighty in spirit.

Thank you !

Michele Callaghan, Speech and Language Pathologist, War Memorial Hospital


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Maybe someone from there can help you take over the MI ACE group?   I started it a while back - but got distracted. Cathy was a co-admin... I don’t know if she still puts posts there. 

Rural MI is so neglected. I’m so happy you all in the Sault are working on this. The Sault was the first place I lived after growing up  in Northern Lower MI - I miss LSSU.   


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