Do you think it’s a good idea to have something like that floating around electronically? 

How do you explain child emotional neglect or mental health problem in a parent to a kindergartener? 

Have you thought about what you might do with a positive screen?    (I don’t want kids to be abused but families could be torn apart and being in foster care and losing siblings is another trauma).  

It is important not to believe that we have discovered all childhood adversity by giving kids or parents a questionnaire.  In many severely traumatizing families, there can be very strong motivation to keep secrets about such things.
Just a few off the top of my head thoughts. 


And what we are terming “Resilience” is really a set of protective factors.  

Resilience is a biological characteristic of stability in the stress response that develops in the child through safe and attuned relationships between the child and appropriate attachment figures. 

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