I’d love to weigh-in on the Emotional First-Aid class I offer, as a way to assist both school staff and students (Parents, too!) to learn easy self-regulation and recovery from upset, overwhelm and unexpexted events. Given the amount of natural and man-made distress in our country right now, there’s never been a better time for introducing these skills and mindset to our educational systems.  Please message me!

I would suggest taking a look at the Blog Directories and posting to Ask the Community in ACEs in Education and ACEs in Higher Education. Perusing the ACEs Connection Resources Center and its Blog Directory would be a good start for ACEs and trauma-informed practice information, and searching "conference" in this community gives some names of past conferences. This may be too much backtracking but the community Practicing Resilience for Self-Care and Healing contains many resources about healing; perhaps looking through the authors of some articles would lead to names and details of conferences they have presented in. And lastly, the ACEs Connection Calendar contains many past and upcoming conferences and events that may be of interest to you. Hope this helps!


I suggest this conference to get more ideas and examples as well as visiting the ACEs in Education page that Morgan has mentioned above and of course reading ACEs Too High for great stories. Also, Learn 4 Life, Essdack, and Vital Village all do great work with schools and in communities and include healing approaches in the ways they organize as well as the work done. And Paper Tigers is a way to see the types of transformation that are possible.  There are lots of individuals doing inspiring work as well. Hope this helps some. Cissy

Hi Melissa,

Feel free to check out our website for Hope 4 The Wounded's 4th annual Reaching the Wounded Student Conference.  We are partnering this year with the Children's Alliance of Ohio to provide this conference for children beyond at-risk.  Dates and times should be finalized by the end of year, but it's typically held in June and for 2019 we will be in Columbus, OH.  We are excited to offer a conference that doesn't just define the problem, but offers doable solutions and strategies to help bring transformation to the lives of wounded children.  Some of the breakouts will be provided by school personnel that have been implementing programs based on the training we provide. Take care, Joe

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