Screening Resilience to a Non-English Speaking Audience

We are planning on screening Resilience in Isleton, CA on January 23 to a predominantly Spanish speaking audience. I was wondering if anyone has experience screening the film to an audience of non-English speakers. Have you shown the film in its entirety? Did you break it up into different parts? DO you have any other ideas or tips that may be useful? Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Lucy:

I know one community that is planning to screen and to stop the movie twice to give people a chance to write down questions or make a note. This isn't being done because of a language barrier though. It's being done to make the experience more interactive and to allow the panel speaking after to be sure to address what's most interesting and pressing to those watching the movie that night maybe for the first time or maybe for the fourth time. I can put you in touch with that community if you want to hear how that goes (I'll be at that screening as well and can share back). I wonder if the movie can be made available for a non-English speaking audience or if there are other movies or documentaries that might be more effective. Cissy

We screened Resilience Movie Trailer with  both English and Spanish speaking audience members.  The closed captioning on in Spanish, and we had multiple bilingual and bicultural people available to support / translate / respond to questions.  
Additionally, participants received material in Spanish, including the attached "ACEs handouts".  
The attached Sesame Street booklet in Spanish has been well received too.
I hope this is helpful!


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Gail Kennedy (ACEs Connection Staff)