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I have a client that works in Ann Arbor, Michigan as the principal of a school for special ed students identified as EH or ED.  I am guiding her in trauma-informed change.  However, I would like for them to work with a local person to help with cutting edge, "bottom-up" interventions.  

In other words, I am seeking a local practitioner that she could potentially contract with to possibly deliver on-site neurofeedback, Sight and Sound Protocol, Heart Math, Somatic Experiencing or EFT.  

If you know of anyone that is certified in any of the aforementioned techniques, please connect me!  

Thank you, Emily Daniels

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Hi Emily:

This is the best place to ask the wider community, and we do get similar questions a lot from various members. I'm also going to tag @Ingrid Cockhren (ACEs Connection Staff) in case she knows of any communities starting or growing in this area, as she works most closely with communities in the Northern Midwest.

I think it's a great idea that you are getting this all organized for administrators and schools from the get go. Ingrid, this is the the Emily we were talking about the other day with @Lara Kain (ACEs Connection Staff) if you've not yet met. Cissy 

Hi Emily,  Good to hear that principles are recognizing the critical role of trauma in learning, especially for students we've labeled thru the Special Education process.  The work we are doing thru the Michigan Collaborative for Mindfulness in Education should be of considerable interest. Please check us out and be in touch to see how we might help. or   

I'll be at the ACES meeting in Bath, MI this Thursday, May 23 and would be happy to follow up if your principal is in attendance there.   Mindfulness is part of the 'bottom up work' that can truly make schools better places to learn, work and send our children too, especially when applied thru universal design formats.  


Be well, Mary

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