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I'm looking for examples of logic models and problem statements from your childhood trauma/resilience building initiatives that you would be willing to share. I'm putting together a packet to help two community groups develop a strategic plan that addresses childhood trauma and builds resilience in children and families. Your examples would help us have a better sense of where we are heading and inspire conversations. Any information you can share, would be much appreciated! 


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Thank you, Christine - it is much appreciated! The logic model you shared is definitely helpful! If by any chance you come across a logic model that includes a problem statement, strategies and interventions (i.e., inputs) along with process measures (i.e., short term outcomes) and could share, that would also be much appreciated! 

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Suzie Gruber posted:

Hi Angel,
Attached is a logic model I created for a trauma-related program I spearheaded for Sonoma County CPS in California a number of years ago.  Please let me know if you have any questions about it.


Hi Suzy! Thanks for sharing your well thought out logic model. I am curious if it was added to the Upstream Portfolio? And, if it was not, what was the rationale? There is a lot of good work happening in the county, but it is still very siloed. Any insights you can provide? Thanks again for sharing this document! Karen

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