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Hello there, I am a 31 year old female, a mother, a full time worker and a partner to my best friend.

I, as it sounds like a lot of you, have gone through hell and back again when I was first born to well into my young adulthood with abuse, neglect, abandonment, hurt, etc.

I have been seeking an online therapist for about two years now with zero luck... I am feeling stuck, lost, hurt and alone as many of my painful memories seems to be surfacing and effecting my day to day functioning and relationships, parenting, work, etc.

I discovered this program by an online search as I am desperate to get help and support. I am writing in hopes someone will hear me and give me advice on what to do. I need to talk to someone, I am open to being in a group discussion, one on one, paid sessions, anything... just anything.... I need help.

Thank you for hearing me.

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Hi, Faliesha: Thanks for joining ACEs Connection and asking your question. I'm sorry that you're suffering, and I hope this community will lead you to a path of healing.

Here's a link to our the trauma-informed section of our Resources Center, which has links to four databases with trauma-informed therapists.

I hope others in the community will add suggestions.

Hi Faliesha,
I appreciate the struggles you are facing and how difficult it can be to find the right person to work with.  I want to let you know about the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) form of psychotherapy.  It's a model that Dr. Laurence Heller created specifically to address the sorts of issues you are describing.  Many of us who offer NARM work online and you can can search the NARM Directory to find someone who might be a fit for you.

I wish you well on your healing journey.

In gratitude,

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