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Can anyone email me/connect me with TIC implementation researchers that currently focus on or have interest in focusing on schools, organization development, and/or governance/policy?  I am finalizing my dissertation research and am building out implementation research credentials.  Thanks!


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I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but we are currently working with the Duke Center for Family and Child Well-being who is helping us in New Hanover County NC become more trauma-informed.  We have only been working with them for a short time (completing needs assessments at this time,) but you might try contacting Dr. George (Tripp) Ake to see if he might be able to answer questions you might have.  He's very nice and approachable.

Hello I’m working on a 3-year project helping community health centers and other organizations serving ppl experiencing homelessness to become more trauma-informed. We developed a process and tool for an organizational assessment and are conducting monthly learning sessions. I’m happy to discuss the project with you, and I’m very interested in learning about your research. I’m also interested in getting together the others who responded to this thread for a group discussion to learn more about what has already been done on this topic and other resources.

Feel free to email to schedule something:




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