Hello SF Bay area health care providers,

ACEs Connection reporter Laurie Udesky here. I cover all things trauma-informed and resilience building in the SF Bay Area. I'm doing a story about what one sees/experiences  when they come into a trauma-informed clinic. Please reach out to me. I want to talk to you about it, and visit. Write me at ludesky@acesconnection.com

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Alfred White posted:

I am looking to open an agency of this type and kind in Seattle...can you inform me as to any challenges or barriers I/we might experience?

Hi @Alfred White - nice to meet you here! I support folks in the PNW and would be happy to connect with you. Additionally, you may want to connect with the Washington State ACEs Connection group, more specifically with @Tory Henderson who shares amazing information and resources through her listserv. If you click on the blue text - you will see what is happening in WA, including an event in May. I hope to connect with you soon - let me know if you'd like to connect by phone! Thanks, Karen  

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Karen Clemmer (ACEs Connection Staff)