I am working with a great group to finalize our charter and we are ready to host our first collaborative meeting that is open to our community. 

     Would you please make recommendations of speakers, activities and videos that have been successful at your meetings and possibly your collaborative's launch.

     Our launch will be on October 9, 2018 from 5-7pm and we predict there will be about 65 people in attendance. We will be providing food and childcare.

     A HUGE thank you for all your help.

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Hi Noelle:

How exciting! Please share where your first meeting will be and the expected size and location? That might help people guide you some.

I've seen first meetings that pair a speaker with a movie screening (like Paper Tigers) or group watching of the @Nadine Burke Harris Ted Talk. I've seen panels that work well, as well as world cafes that get community members talking to one another. There are so many options! 


Hello Noelle,

What city and state will you be having the charter event?  I am completing a documentary on Trauma and creating a new life as well as  a speech I did for Debx.  Please send me an email to Coreen37@gmail.com.  I may be able to provide some content for your event.

Thank you
Coreen Zalot, LPN, C-HWC

"A Created Life" - See on Facebook or YouTube for the movie trailer.

Hi Noelle, 
This is exciting .... and it will be a process which will evolve overtime. 
Attached are a few agendas from Sonoma County ACEs Connection.  Please note - they're not first meeting agendas!  But they do provide an example of how meetings can be set up. 
Also, Paper Tigers is now available to Amazon Prime members at no cost.  There are great YouTube clips - including Nadine Burke Harris' 16 min TED Talk.
Hosting meetings, I found people who were drawn to the topic were often internally motivated by their lived experiences.  As such - providing a "mindful moment" even something simple to help folks get grounded in the space. 
I wish you all the best - and cannot wait to hear how it goes! 
The great thing about this forum is that we can share our lessons learned and our successes!  Through this shared learning - we can accelerate the ACEs science movement! 
Thank you for playing a key role in your community! 
PS Take a few pictures - this will be a historical meeting - you'll want to capture it!!


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Opening the meeting with a "mindful moment" to support participants in getting grounded in the space can help to support inclusivity and set the tone for the meeting.  Depending on where this meeting is located, myself or one of my colleagues from Niroga Institute would be honored to lead a short trauma-informed opening and perhaps other mindful movement breaks during the meeting if there is interest.

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