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I've found two sources that talk about this possible correlation.  One from Illinois  http://www.hmprg.org/assets/ro...20Policy%20Brief.pdf

The other a conference paper by James Topitzes. which was presented at The Society for Social Work and Research 2014 Annual Conference. The paper can be found at Research Gate.com  at  https://www.researchgate.net/p...h_Mediation_Analyses

I think what research that has been done on ACES is relatively small because the ACE survey was done with adults through a medical lens and all the original participants were college educated workers in the health industry, so that study did not survey any high school dropouts.  Since then, because of the groundswell of awareness of the prevalence of ACES, I think there may be more studies at the state level that correlates education levels achieved.  The hard part of actually gathering statistical data is how to find and communicate with those who dropped out of high school.  How does one connect with this demographic?  Perhaps through a group known to have had a high likelihood of dropping out of school - such as the prison population.   This leads me to wonder if there are any studies currently being done with this population.  

Perhaps other members will know of any current studies that provide more direct stats on dropouts and ACES.  I am an educator (and retired public school administrator) now providing training to school districts and school administrators on how to become trauma-informed.  Your question is of great interest to me, so I am hoping others will have additional information.

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A few other sources to site related to this topic:

Direct and Indirect Pathways From Adverse Childhood Experiences to High School Dropout Among High-Risk Adolescents.


Adverse childhood experiences and life opportunities: Shifting the narrative


Full article - Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Well-Being in a Low-income, Urban Cohort


Examining Adverse Childhood Experiences among Students Repeating the Ninth Grade: Implications for School Dropout Prevention



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