Hi Emily,

I would suggest you post this request to ACEs in Pediatrics as well and also include if you have a particular age group you have in mind.  You may have already searched on AAP. While this doesn't address stigma at all, there are links in here to resources for mental health: http://pediatrics.aappublicati...tent/138/3/e20161571

Also, the AAP has a Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health.  

Hope this all helps!

Contact Lorenzo Lewis of The Confess Project. His work focuses on reducing stigma of mental health among young boys and men of color using a barbershop outreach model--perhaps there's some opportunity to adapt it for PCPs or in pediatric settings or to bring these providers into the community setting. He was a presenter at the National ACEs Conference back in October.



Hi, Emily,

Check out NAMI in your area.  NAMI has Provider Education and depending on the program used, may also provide Continuing Education credits for participants.  They also have numerous other programs available for the community; In Our Own Voice and Ending the Silence.  Hope this helps.

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