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Hello..   About 2011 I  wrote an article for Chattanooga Times Free Press sharing my personal story of abuse .  I was my mother's surrogate.  The response came in numbers that at first alarmed but encouraged ..  I  wasn't alone..  The group of about 8-10 victims of horror stories far worse then mine came to my home at first.  As numbers increased the need for a place more central was found and weekly we met sharing but more importantly, supporting victims of sexual abuse.   To a person all said they felt nobody would believe nor accept their stories.  


There is a need  that our group is not unique . The necessity of being aware of the numbers of victims suggests to me, strongly, that more can and should be done. Could ACE provide a template to the local newspaper in Chattanooga, Tn.. The Times Free Press I am open to facilitating another local group. By the way word got around to one surrounding community near Chattanooga.   We established another group in that small town.  Robert Broos



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Robert, I wanted to say congrats on forming your groups for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I too am a survivor of csa and would like to invite you and your members to our online facebook groups. The nonprofit I started in 2014 is called EmpowerSurvivors and is located at 1940 Greeley Street South, Suite 210, Stillwater, MN 55082. At our main location, we offer in-person groups, workshops, classes, and retreats for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. 

I invite you and your members to join our online closed Facebook group if you would like to become part of the EmpowerSurvivors family of survivors & survivor community!

Facebook Closed group :


More about EmpowerSurvivors:

My goal is to reestablish either an online or group of survivors that have experienced sexual abuse when a child.. This group in Chattanooga began @2011 -2013.  Numbers varied but core group stayed intact.  Wonder if ACE as an organization could facilitate such an idea with the Chattanooga Times Free Press in Chattanooga, Tenn?   thanks  bob brooks

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