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I am faculty at a CA community college and am interested in learning what other colleges and universities are doing to incorporate trauma and resilience and self care for educators into teacher education programs and courses (particularly for early childhood education). Please share how this is being addressed, your college, and location.

Jody Johnson, M.A. (Early Childhood Education; M.Ed. (Trauma & Resilience in Education, PreK-12).

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Greetings, I am the Executive Director for our county's child abuse prevention council. For the past few semesters, I have been a guest speaker to some of the child development courses at our local community college. I present on child abuse prevention, mandated reporter requirements, ACEs and its effects on development, and the impact of domestic violence on children.  I also do a series of trainings to our county's office of education/ early childhood education program. This includes early childhood educators working on their continuing education through professional development. I hope this helps!

Hello Jody

Im a member of the East TN State University/Ballad Health Strong Brain Institute in NE TN. If you would email your question to me at I’ll pass it along to the 15 university faculty members as I feel some would gladly share their actions.  I’ve trained many of these faculty member in Trauma Informed Approach - Key Principles and they are building the concepts into coursework and practice in many ways.  

Thank you for work!!

Becky Haas

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