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I'm a web writer for the Rural Health Information Hub, a fed. funded national clearinghouse. In follow up to an article I wrote about adverse childhood experiences, I am working on one about trauma-informed care in rural America. Does anyone know of a rural hospital that is applying TIC principles or models in their practices? More specifically, any that are using them for refugee populations? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Jenn -
While this is not specifically what you're seeking, you might be interested in learning about Lake County [CA] which has a passionate group of community partners who are working together to address their disproportionately high rate of ACEs.  This very rural area recently experienced very large wildfires - thus further traumatizing their vulnerable community members. Even before the fires, the Lake County health rankings placed Lake County at 57 out of 58 counties in California.  With support from HRSA and others, they launched an initiative called "The Way to Wellville" in 2014.  Here is additional background information:  Partnerships for a Healthy, Thriving Lake County.  

The Health Leadership Network (HLN) applied for the Way to Wellville ,” and was selected as 1 of 5 counties to participate in the nationwide challenge, launched by the Health Initiative Coordinating Council (HICCup.)  The HLN introduced Way to Wellville to the community as a unique opportunity and impetus for stakeholders to consider innovations aimed at making a notable shift in the county’s health status. 

The attached report provides more information. 
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